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The following news articles highlight the achievements and expertise of U of T Engineering faculty, staff and students. If you see U of T Engineering in the news and would like to suggest that it appear here, please email Engineering Strategic Communications or call 416-946-0922.

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Jul 2014
Jul, 25 U of T Engineering’s Wei Yu among world’s most influential researchers
 Named on recent Thomson Reuters list
Jul, 25 Engineering startups at U of T’s Creative Destruction Lab
 Flexible lighting solutions and a novel keyboard design
Jul, 23 Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: Examining the evidence
 An engineer and anthropologist explain what we can learn from human remains, aircraft debris
Jul, 22 The world’s most energy efficient light bulb now dims without a dimmer
 U of T Engineering alumni startup Nanoleaf launches new bulb
Jul, 18 Using tiny technology to aid in the fight against cancer
 Aaron Wheeler (IBBME) wins 2014 McLean Award
Jul, 18 Three big ideas from the opening of U of T’s new advanced materials lab
 Engineering Faculty unveils $20M facility that could end crash fatalities, blood clots and our reliance on fossil fuels
Jul, 17 Understanding how wounds heal
 IBBME researchers explore the science of healing
Jul, 16 Engineers explore ideas and culture in Chinese exchange
 Faculty and students join international summer exchange at China’s Peking University
Jul, 14 Water-repelling airplane wings and other sustainable materials at U Tokyo workshop
 13th anniversary of UT2-COSM-GMSI Graduate Student Workshop
Jul, 11 Designing cleaner, safer ways to cook in South India
 Faculty and students from across U of T work together to reduce fuel consumption, indoor air pollution
Jul, 11 Engineering a new kind of rock music
 U of T lab uses 3D modeling to predict earthquakes
Jul, 11 Oil-spill sponges and a future manufacturing leader
 MIE graduate student named top 30 under 30 by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Jul, 09 Turning engineers into entrepreneurs with Techno’s startup accelerator program
 Bootcamp helps entrepreneurs brings tech-powered science to society
Jul, 09 From pulsars to particles: What can engineers do with big data?
 Researchers, grad students and staff members from across U of T come together for ECE workshop
Jul, 04 NSERC invests $1.65 million to train engineering students in environmental decontamination
 Forty-two students will work with industry and researchers to clean up contaminated sites
Jul, 04 Mechanical engineers connect at CSME International Congress
 Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME) and the CFD Society of Canada hold concurrent conference at U of T Engineering
Jul, 04 Remembering University Professor Emeritus Bernard Etkin (UTIAS)
 The University of Toronto honours the life of an engineering leader and aeronautical pioneer
Jul, 03 Could this first-year engineering student be the (next) Einstein?
 Undergraduate student’s idea – creating electricity with keyboard typing – makes finals of competition
Jul, 03 Female students explore U of T Engineering with GLEE
 Aspiring engineers connect with women faculty, students and alumni
Jul, 03 What state secrets is your house keeping?
 ECE professor explains some of the risks of a smart electricity grid
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