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Civil Engineering Professor Offers Defence of Older Drivers

April 2, 2012

Civil Engineering Professor Emeritus Ezra Hauer explained why he feels older drivers have an unfair reputation as bad drivers in the latest issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

In the paper, Professor Hauer argued that the only groups to have 10 or more accidents for every million miles (or 1,609,000 kms) they drive are those under 19 or over 82 years old. Though older drivers involved in an accident have a higher fatality rate than other drivers, Professor Hauer argues that is likely due to elderly drivers being frailer than the rest of the population.

Speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek, Professor Hauer explained that data surrounding elderly drivers are skewed by a variety of factors. “Old farts that we are, we also tend to report the accidents more often. Young bucks tend not to report,” Professor Hauer told Bloomberg reporter Ashlee Vance.

You can read the full story on the Bloomberg Businessweek website, as well as subsequent stories from The Toronto Star and the International Business Times.

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