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The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is one of Canada’s oldest engineering schools.

It all began in 1873 with the creation of the School of Practical Science — a single red brick building that offered students instruction in mining, engineering, mechanics and manufacturing. The School of Practical Science, also known as the “Little Red Schoolhouse,” officially became a part of the University of Toronto in 1906 and its name changed to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

little red school house
Prior to becoming the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, the School of Practical Science — also called the "Little Red Schoolhouse" — housed the institution's engineering programs.

Since 1873, the Faculty has had roughly 50,000 students pass through its doors and leave as engineering professionals. Throughout our incredible history, we have consistently drawn inspiration from the exceptional men and women that have made their mark not only within the Faculty and University communities, but also in the field of engineering. This is evidenced by the hundreds of awards and honours received by members of our Faculty over the years.

While the Faculty has changed over the years to include a wider range of engineering programs, new technology, facilities, and a broader global perspective, it is with the same spirit and vigor that current Engineering students and Faculty continue to make strides in the field of engineering — improving the lives of others around the world.

Below is a list of a list of the extraordinary people who have contributed to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering's accomplished legacy.

To learn more about the lives of the women and men listed above, visit the Alumni website or visit the Hall of Distinction (10 King's College Road), which displays the portraits and stories of lauded U of T Engineering alumni. 

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