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The University of Toronto's centralized course evaluation framework and online delivery system has come to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. The Faculty will oversee the evaluation process with the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI), and the window for instructors to review and add questions opens in early November.

U of T has a set of core questions, but now includes a section relating to courses in the Faculty. More questions may be added from both individual instructors and Departments, according to Professor Susan McCahan (MIE), Vice-Dean, Undergraduate.

“The evaluation program is part of our commitment to ensure the quality of our academic courses, our teaching and the learning experience of our students. The data will be used by instructors for the continual improvement of their teaching, to provide information about teaching and courses at U of T, and for various review purposes,” she said. Instructors will have full access to the data pertaining to the courses they teach.

If you’ve seen the “Your Feedback Matters” posters around campus then you’re already aware that participation is strongly encouraged. The posters are part of a larger communications effort to inform people on campus about the program. Courses evolve over time and instructors can use feedback to shape lecture material, improve evaluation methods and create a better learning experience for everyone.

It is important to tell U of T Engineering students about the evaluation program and encourage them to participate, McCahan says. CTSI offers tips for doing this. The first is to be aware of when the Engineering evaluation window is open and share this with students.

Evaluation window dates are posted on the CTSI website. For U of T Engineering, the instructor window is November 7 to 17, and the student window is November 21 to December 5.

Many students are unaware that instructors review the feedback and CTSI suggests explaining how course evaluations are used. Build time into your class for students to complete their evaluations, either by allowing them to leave early or using class time.

Other tips include talking about student feedback throughout the year, describing changes you’ve made to your course as a result of feedback, and administering a mid-course evaluation.

Students will be contacted by email and provided with links to evaluation forms. Also, course instructors will be contacted directly with a detailed analysis of student responses. An executive summary of the quantitative questions will be shared with students unless the instructor opts out. Teaching Assistant evaluations remain paper-based.


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