The Entrepreneurship Hatchery

    Are you a U of T Student who dreams of running your own business? The Entrepreneurship Hatchery provides resources, mentorship and community to turn ideas into successful start-ups.

    The Entrepreneurship Hatchery program is divided into three stages:


    A team presents their product idea at Hatchery Demo Day 2014.


    Entrepreneurial Evangelism

    This includes networking events like the weekly Idea Market and monthly speaker series as well as stand-alone events such as the Accelerator Weekend and the Hackathon. The components of this stage help students network, connect, build a team and come up with ideas to apply to the Hatchery.

    Hatchery Process

    Rolling applications start in September for teams to begin working on their business plan. Interviews take place in March to determine admission into the program. Accepted teams Teams receive one-on-one mentorship, summer fellowships, space and access to a prototype fund.

    Start-Up Launch

    At Hatchery Demo Day, usually held in the first week of September, teams pitch their start-ups to investors and the University of Toronto community. Teams that are ready to incorporate will receive legal, accounting, marketing and intellectual property services through the Hatchery.

    Advisory Board

    The Entrepreneurship Hatchery is guided by our experienced advisory committee. They are:

    Visit The Entrepreneurship Hatchery website to learn more about our past success and how you can become part of the action.