Communications Resources

Graphic Design Standards & Guidelines

This toolkit is intended to provide support for professionals creating communications materials that present a clear and memorable impression of U of T Engineering. Applying all components of our brand consistently and properly will help our audiences identify our Faculty from other areas of the University. At the same time, consistent use of the branding standards across all areas of the Faculty will help our audiences understand that our individual departments, divisions, institutes, administrative units, services and centres are all part of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. Ultimately, our brand is the sum of our Faculty’s values, and sets the standard for how all areas of the Faculty should communicate with our various audiences. For this reason, we ask that you maintain and uphold all the elements of visual expression as outlined below.

The graphic standards and guidelines presented here are comprehensive and thorough, but we encourage your suggestions to help make them better. Similarly, if you have questions about how the brand applies to your specific area, or require feedback on whether you’ve applied a particular aspect of the brand correctly (e.g., “Did I place the logo correctly?”) please contact Shilpa Gantotti, Communications Strategist.

Branding Toolkit Resources