Branding Basics: Font & Colour


U of T Engineering’s primary font is a modern, sans serif typeface called Trade Gothic LT Std. Trade Gothic is also the font of the University’s Boundless campaign. Using this font across all designed communications makes our materials easily recognizable. By using different weights and treatments, we can achieve a range of effects without needing other fonts.

Trade Gothic is a licensed font. Please contact Shilpa Gantotti ( if you’d like to purchase the Trade Gothic font package. If you do not have access to Trade Gothic, use Arial Narrow, a standard font available through MS Office.

Arial Narrow should never be used in conjunction with Trade Gothic and should be used only when Trade Gothic is not available. In order to maintain maximum visual consistency throughout the brand, do not use any other typefaces when using Arial Narrow.

Typographic Guidelines:

  • Ensure that text contrasts well against the background colour for maximum legibility
  • For body copy, use Trade Gothic Regular or Light
  • Never stretch typefaces
  • Within a headline, do not use more than one weight (bold and condensed) or style (italics and underlined) of Trade Gothic
  • For increased legibility, avoid using tight leading (spacing between lines of text) on copy



The Faculty’s official colours are the same as the University’s colours: dark blue and white. We support the official colours with secondary colours like Boundless blue, black and grey.


 Pantone ®Four-Colour ProcessScreenWeb-Usage
Official Colours
U of T blue655CC:100 M:79 Y:12 K:56R:37 G:53 B:90Hex #: 25355A
Whiten/an/aR:255 G:255 B:255Hex #: FFFFFF
Secondary Colours
Boundless blue633CC:98 M:6 Y:10 K:29R:0 G:127 B:163Hex #: 007FA3
BlackProcess Black CC:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100R:0 G:0 B:0Hex #: 000000
GreyC:0 M:0 Y:0 K:21R:201 G:201 B:201Hex #: C9C9C9
Tertiary Colours
Green Okra3395CC:66 M:0 Y:48 K:0R:0 G:195 B:137Hex #: 00c389