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Boundless Dedication

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As part of Boundless: The Campaign for the University of Toronto, U of T Engineering’s annual Faculty & Staff Campaign provides an opportunity for the engineering community to come together and show support for the Faculty’s ongoing development and its students.

Faculty and staff members can make gifts toward the area that inspires them the most – the new Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEIE) or a program or scholarship within a specific department or division.

Why it matters

“Your participation sends a strong message to students, that you care about their education and want them to have the best possible Skule experience,” said Barbara McCann, retired faculty registrar. “Your involvement also signals to our alumni that U of T Engineering is a great place to invest in the future of healthy, sustainable and successful societies.”

Campaign goals

The Boundless Dedication campaign goal is to achieve participation of one in four faculty and staff members. Each department, division or institute has identified key areas of need to which you may direct your gift, as specified in the donation form.

You may also choose to direct your gift toward the new CEIE or the Faculty’s area of greatest need.

The Faculty’s six thematic areas of focus for the Boundless Campaign include:

  • constructing the CEIE
  • developing global engineering leaders
  • nurturing engineering innovation and entrepreneurship
  • revolutionizing biomedical engineering and human health
  • advancing information communications technology
  • reshaping the future of energy, the environment and sustainability

How to donate and get involved

Faculty and staff may make online donations via payroll deduction or credit card. Those who select payroll deduction receive a Boundless Dedication T-shirt so they can share their U of T Engineering pride. We encourage you to provide a comment about why you chose to give when you complete the online form.

For more information, contact Tom Vosper, Senior Development Officer, by email or directly at 416-946-0566.

Faculty testimonials

Faculty and staff play such a vital role in maintaining the level of excellence that U of T Engineering is world renowned for. In addition to supporting the Faculty professionally, many have been inspired to show their support financially. Here are their stories:

Brenda McCabe (CivE 9T4), Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

I feel very privileged to work at U of T Engineering. In my opinion, we have the best jobs in the world. We are an integral part of an internationally renowned institution, and are held in high esteem by our colleagues here, and all over the globe.

We work with some of the top students in the country and indeed, the world – they are intelligent, enthusiastic and open-minded. We have the flexibility to engage in any research that interests us as long as we have the funds to support it.

To get those funds, we often have to ask corporations, alumni and friends of the university to invest in our activity. Given the special position we are in, how can we ask our students to give to the student levy fund or to Graditude, or ask someone for millions, if we are not willing ourselves to donate to this wonderful institution?

Dr. Khoman Phang (ElecE 9T0, MASc 1992, PhD 0T1), Senior Lecturer, The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 

U of T Engineering has been a running thread that has shaped my life. As a student, I experienced living in Tokyo and working at Sony as part of the University’s exchange program. And now, as a senior lecturer, I have the privilege to work with our graduating students on fourth-year design projects. Our annual design project fair is a celebration of their achievements, and even our second-year students come out to volunteer and are inspired by the experience.

The Gordon Slemon Design Award has been a part of that celebration and has been given out each year since 1997. With my contribution, I am helping build an endowment that will secure the future of the award, making it a permanent fixture of The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and a lasting memorial to the late Gordon Slemon – a great engineer, educator and role model. 

With my contribution, I am celebrating both our past and our future – I can’t think of a better way to give back to Skule™.