Resources for Academic Staff & Instructors

Policies and Procedures for Undergraduate Instructors


Composition of Final Marks

Electronic Mark Submission (EMS)

  • UG EMS: Submit grades for an undergraduate engineering course using EMS.
  • UG EMS Status: Electronic Mark Submission status for individual undergraduate engineering courses.
  • Grad EMS: Submit grades for graduate engineering courses through EMS.
  • Grad EMS Status: Electronic Mark Submission status for engineering graduate courses.

Instructional Technology Office (ITO)

If you’re using a technology tool in the classroom, or thinking about using a technology tool in the classroom, contact the Instructional Technology Office (ITO) for more information on planning, setup and support.

Teaching Resources
Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation
Library Services for Teaching & Learning

Research Resources
Research & Innovation Services
Supporting Research

Career Development Resources
Orientation and integration sessions for both new and continuing faculty
UTFA Workshops

Instructional Technology Resources
IT Help Desk
Instructional Technology Office
Blackboard: Overview
Blackboard: Incorporating Library Resources into Course Web Pages

Infrastructure Information
Information Technology Services
Campus Map
Room Bookings

Working at UofT
Memorandum of Agreement between UofT & UTFA
University of Toronto Faculty Association
UofT Human Resources & Equity

Governance & Policy
Provostial Guidelines, Practices and Frameworks
Governing Council Policies
Procedures Manual on Academic Administrative Matters

Workload Policy
UTFA Arbitration Award for July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2011 (see Schedule B: Workload Issues Resolved)
Department Specific: Note that each unit has developed its own guidelines. Please inquire with your unit’s Department Chair or Institute Director’s offices for the up to date guideline.

Academic Visitors
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Guidelines
Visiting Professors
Visiting Scientists
Visiting Research Students

Writing Professional Licensing Exam (PPE)
10 Hour Study Guide forPPE
Law notes
Prep Workshop notes