Undergraduate Programs

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    General First Year

    General First Year, also known as TrackOne, is designed for students interested in exploring all fields of engineering before choosing to join a Core Program in second year.

    Chemical Engineering

    Chemical engineers combine chemistry, biology, math and engineering to solve urgent problems and create innovative processes and products.

    Civil Engineering

    Civil engineering focuses on the design, construction and maintenance of structures and infrastructure, from the deepest tunnels to the tallest buildings.

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Electrical and computer engineers deal with two key issues of our time: the creation and distribution of energy; and the communication and control of digital information.

    Industrial (Systems) Engineering

    Industrial engineers improve the way people interact with technologies and systems. They help organizations run safely, efficiently and profitably.

    Materials Engineering

    Materials engineers focus on improving what things are made of and how they are made. New materials enable better performance and sustainable technologies.

    Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical engineers focus on how things work. Most objects — from cars to medical devices — are designed using mechanical engineering principles.

    Mineral Engineering

    Everything that humans use is either caught, grown or mined. Mineral engineering is the applied science of our interaction with the planet.

    Engineering Science

    One of the most distinguished engineering programs in the world, Engineering Science attracts top students who are looking for an academic challenge.

    Minors and Certificates

    Choosing an engineering minor or certificate is a great way to graduate with an extra set of credentials, or just explore an area of interest while earning your BASc.