The Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship:
From Idea to Reality

“Throughout U of T Engineering’s history, 
our community has pushed the boundaries of what is possible, paving the way for engineering innovation. Continuing to attract and empower 
the finest faculty, students and staff depends on our ability to provide an environment that fosters creativity and inspires the very best in 21st-century learning and innovation.”
Cristina Amon Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

This sentiment was the driving force behind a space audit 
U of T Engineering conducted in 2008–2009. The audit confirmed a shortage of teaching and research facilities. As a world-class engineering school hitting its stride as the destination of choice for top students, researchers and faculty, space became a priority more than ever before.

Since the initial audit, the Faculty has addressed many of these space needs by renovating existing labs and learning environments through the Dean’s Strategic Fund. But the underlying need for more new space remained until the University of Toronto allocated Site 10 (47–55 St. George Street – Simcoe Hall Parking Lot), the location of the forthcoming CEIE, to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering in 2012.

CEIE: A new addition to the U of T Engineering Community. (Click image for larger view.)

CEIE: A new addition to the U of T Engineering Community.
(Click image for larger view | Map of U of T)

After careful consideration, the Faculty selected two architectural firms in spring 2013 — Montgomery Sisam Architects (MSA) in Toronto and Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios in U.K. — to bring the vision for this much-anticipated facility to life. These two firms, with their experience in designing innovative research, learning and teaching spaces, demonstrated their ability to create a signature building for the future of engineering in Canada.

Upon completion, the CEIE will add 7,200 net assignable square metres (NASMs) — approximately 15,000 gross square metres — to U of T Engineering’s existing footprint of 65,000 NASMs across 16 buildings. This space not only addresses many of the Faculty’s needs, but the University’s as well. For example, the interactive 500-seat auditorium, atrium and collaborative spaces will offer the wider University community new learning and event space opportunities.

Selected Highlights in the CEIE’s Journey

  • March 2012
    U of T allocated Site 10 to
    U of T Engineering; Project Committee formed
  • September 2012
    Boundless campaign launched for U of T Engineering
  • January 2013
    Project Planning Report finalized
  • April 2013
    Architects selected
  • September 2013
    Design review committee assessments began
  • February 2014
    ;Approval received from U of T’s Governing Council
  • October 2014
    Pilot TEAL room established in Sandford Fleming Building
  • February 2015
    Select building elements demolished on Site 10
  • May 2015
    Rezoning approved by City of Toronto
  • June 2015
    Construction contract awarded
  • June 24, 2015
    Groundbreaking ceremony

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