Turning your leftovers into biodegradable plastics

In 10 days

Restaurants throw away a lot of food. University of Toronto student startup Genecis has a green solution that saves money, helps industry — and the planet.

Luna Yu

Genecis CEO Luna Yu

For every 30 pounds of leftovers, the startup will be able to create a pound of biodegradable plastics that are ideal to make thin-film packaging and water bottles, says founder and CEO Luna Yu. Two types of hungry microorganisms transform the waste into plastic granules.

The Entrepreneurship Hatchery at U of T’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is enabling students and faculty to turn their ideas into viable businesses.

Genecis is one of U of T’s next-generation leaders in sustainability, bringing research to market to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

The Entrepreneurship Hatchery

  • The Hatchery is a vital part of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Toronto, the #1 university in North America for launching research-based startups.
  • Championed by some of Canada’s foremost innovators and business leaders, the Hatchery is generating countless new opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs, and playing a significant role in the development of Canada’s innovation economy.
  • The Hatchery offers a comprehensive suite of programs and services, including mentorship, communications training, and access to state-of-the-art prototyping and fabrication facilities.
  • University of Toronto students can apply to the Hatchery starting in their first year — the program has seen a 750 per cent increase in applications since its launch in 2012.

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Hatchery Student Startups

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Xpan — Expanding keyhole surgery

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Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A bold commitment to engineering innovation, the Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEIE) will facilitate and celebrate multidisciplinary collaboration to the fullest. Here, students, researchers, alumni, industry partners and staff will work together, fostering and accelerating innovation, creating the perfect ecosystem for today’s engineering student and tomorrow’s engineering leader. The building encourages engineering students and faculty to bring their innovative ideas and products to the marketplace.

CEIE rendering

As U of T Engineering continues to pioneer new ways to enhance the student experience, the CEIE plays a central role — it will enable the Faculty to prepare tomorrow’s engineers through dynamic, flexible environments that foster collaboration and spark entrepreneurial innovation.

hatchey students

The CEIE will be home to The Entrepreneurship Hatchery, part of the University’s robust ecosystem of campus-linked accelerators. The building will provide the space, equipment and support to bring student ventures and research spinoffs from concept to prototype and beyond.

floor plan

The CEIE features design, fabrication and prototyping facilities to enable student entrepreneurs to develop, iterate and execute on their bold business ideas. The space is designed for seamless transition between ideation and fabrication.

hatchery space renderingAdjacent to the Hatchery’s headquarters is a versatile space for student startups to meet with program alumni, mentors, advisors and investors. These rooms will enable collaborative group activities, projects and workshops.