Centre for Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering


U of T Engineering to launch new AI research centre

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly part of our daily lives, with applications from voice-activated assistants to self-driving cars — and its influence continues to grow. A new multidisciplinary research centre created at U of T Engineering will leverage the power of AI to address challenges in a wide range of fields, including human health, sustainability and advanced manufacturing. Read more »

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CARTE researchers

  • Baher Abdulhai (CivMin)
  • Dionne Aleman (MIE)
  • Jason Anderson (ECE)
  • Tim Barfoot (UTIAS)
  • Christopher Beck (MIE)
  • Timothy Chan (MIE)
  • Hai-Ling Margaret Cheng (IME, ECE)
  • Mark Chignell (MIE)
  • Will Cluett (ChemE)
  • Kinnor Chattopadhyay (MSE)
  • Stark Draper (ECE)
  • Tamer El-Diraby (CivMin)
  • Kamran Esmaeili (CivMin)
  • Greg Evans (ISTEP, ChemE)
  • Dimitrios Hatzinakos (ECE)
  • Michael Garton (BME)
  • Jonathan Kelly (UTIAS)
  • Deepa Kundur (ECE, Engineering Science)
  • Azadeh Kushki (BME)
  • Yuri Lawryshyn (ChemE)
  • Chi-Guhn Lee (MIE)
  • Baochun Li (ECE)
  • Radhakrishnan Mahadevan (ChemE)
  • Elham Marzi (ISTEP)
  • Andreas Moshovos (ECE)
  • Kostas Platiniotis (ECE)
  • Lisa Romkey (ISTEP)
  • Scott Sanner (MIE)
  • Angela Schoellig (UTIAS)
  • Chirag Variawa (ISTEP)
  • Chandra Veer Singh (MSE)
  • Steven Waslander (UTIAS)
  • Christopher Yip (ChemE, BME)
  • Yu Zou (MSE)