Welcome to Canada’s premier engineering school.

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is a world-renowned hub of researchers and students dedicated to solving some of society’s biggest challenges. Through collaborative and multidisciplinary research, we produce next-generation solutions in sustainable energy, enabling technologies, bioengineering and much more.

U of T Engineering is located on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto, situated in the heart of one of North America’s most vibrant and diverse cities. Our community sits on the doorstep of world-class healthcare facilities, industries and businesses, enabling seamless collaboration and impact.

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The Faculty

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is Canada’s premier engineering school and one of the best in the world. Since our founding in 1873, over 50,000 students have graduated from our programs. Our alumni excel globally as leaders, innovators and agents of change in every industry and setting.

Our vibrant community includes more than 5,000 undergraduate students, 2,000 graduate students and 240 faculty members. Together, these remarkable individuals receive a staggering number of international and national awards each year for their excellence.

World-renowned professors across our nine academic areas challenge our students to think beyond traditional approaches to engineering. Over a quarter of our community hails from outside of Canada, and the proportion of female students and faculty is among the highest in the country. This diversity brings new perspectives to the classroom, further enriching our collaborative learning environment.

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Our People

U of T Engineering is home to some of the most accomplished researchers and students from across Canada and around the world. Together, we foster an unparalleled culture of excellence.

Our researchers are international leaders in their fields. They publish prolifically in high-impact journals and produce inventions that are quickly brought to market via thriving industrial partnerships. Together, our faculty hold over 60 prestigious research chairs funded by government, industry and endowments.

This same passion for innovation and excellence shines through in our approach to education. Our professors integrate cutting-edge classroom technologies, innovative teaching techniques and multidisciplinary perspectives to engage students in new ways. Through mentorship from dedicated faculty, U of T Engineering students flourish as innovators and leaders well past graduation.

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