Awards & Honours



U of T Engineering faculty, staff, alumni, and students receive recognition for their research, teaching, leadership, and dedication to the Engineering profession in the form of a record number of awards and grants. In the past few years, the number of major awards received is unparalleled in the Faculty’s recent history. Our achievements have increased the Faculty’s visibility among Canada’s top Engineering organizations, such as the Engineering Institute of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering and Professional Engineers Ontario, as well as international organizations such as the National Academy of Engineering in the U.S.

This section is dedicated to celebrating the many individuals who have been recognized for outstanding achievements through a variety of external and internal award programs.



Fellow: National Academy of Inventors
Molly Shoichet (ChemE, BME)

Fellow: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Jason Anderson (ECE)

Richard W. Hamming Medal: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Frank Kschischang (ECE)

Fellow: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Markus Bussmann (MIE)
Goldie Nejat (MIE)
Pierre Sullivan (MIE)

Distinguished Lecturer: Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors Foundation
Elizabeth Edwards (ChemE)

Distinguished Inventor: Battelle
Jane Howe (MSE, ChemE)

Howard Medal: Institute of Civil Engineers
Doug Hooton (CivMin)

Quantum Electronics Award: IEEE Photonics Society 
Hoi-Kwong Lo (ECE)

Humboldt Research Award: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Milica Radisic (BME, ChemE)

Fellow: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Paul Milgram (MIE)

Prize for the Teaching of OR/MS Practice: INFORMS
Tim Chan (MIE)


Fellow: Royal Society of Canada
Tom Chau (BME)
Alberto Leon-Garcia (ECE)

Fellow: Canadian Academy of Engineering
Ali Dolatabadi (MIE)
George Eleftheriades (ECE)
Baochun Li (ECE)
Xinyu Liu (MIE)
Ning Yan (ChemE)
Janet Elliott (EngSci 9T0, MechE MASc 9T2, PhD 9T7)
Mina Hoorfar (MechE MASc 0T1; PhD 0T5)
Steve Hranilovic (ElecE MASc 9T9; PhD 0T3)
Mark Martinez (ElecE 8T7; MASc 9T0)
Carolyn Ren (MechE PhD 0T4)
David Tennenhouse (ElecE 7T7; MASc 8T1)

Fellow: Canadian Academy of Health Sciences 
Yu Sun (MIE)

Fellow: Engineering Institute of Canada
Natalie Enright Jerger (ECE)
Xinyu Liu (MIE)

Julian C. Smith Medal: Engineering Institute of Canada
Michael Carter (MIE)

Member: Royal Society of Canada College of New Scholars, Artists & Scientists
Nicolas Papernot (ECE)

Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Applied Photonics: Canadian Association of Physicists/Institut National d'Optique
Hoi-Kwong Lo (ECE)

A.B. Sanderson Award: Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
Shamim Sheikh (CivMin)

MetSoc Brimacombe Award: Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
Yu Zou (MSE)

A.G.L. McNaughton Gold Medal: IEEE Canada 
Yu Sun (MIE)


Honorary Degree: University of Waterloo
Cristina Amon (MIE)


University of Toronto

Honorary Degree
Claire Kennedy (ChemE 8T9)

President's Impact Award
Yu Sun (MIE)

Northrop Frye Award
Ariel Chan (ChemE)

President's Teaching Award
Steven Thorpe (MSE)

Global Educator Award
Amy Bilton (MIE)

Early Career Teaching Award
Elham Marzi (ISTEP)

Schwartz Reisman Institute Faculty Fellow
Daniela Galatro (ChemE)

SGS Early Career Supervision Award
Kevin Golovin (MIE)

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

Agnes Kaneko Citizenship Award
Diane McCartney (CivMin)

Barbara McCann Quality of Student Experience Award for Frontline Staff
Stephen Johns (EngSci)

Innovation Award
Iliana Sztainbok (ChemE)

Harpreet Dhariwal Emerging Leader Award
Michelle Deeton (CivMin)

Quality of Student Experience Award for Behind-the-Scenes Staff
Sharon Brown (Dean's Office)

Safwat Zaky Research Leader Award
David Lie (ECE)

Teaching Assistant Award
Maryam Ebrahimiazar (MIE)

Early Career Teaching Award
Alison Olechowski (MIE, ISTEP)

Faculty Teaching Award
Scott Ramsay (MSE)

Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award
Ravi Adve (ECE)