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U of T Engineering faculty, staff, alumni, and students receive recognition for their research, teaching, leadership, and dedication to the Engineering profession in the form of a record number of awards and grants. In the past few years, the number of major awards received is unparalleled in the Faculty’s recent history. Our achievements have increased the Faculty’s visibility among Canada’s top Engineering organizations, such as the Engineering Institute of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering and Professional Engineers Ontario, as well as international organizations such as the National Academy of Engineering in the U.S.

This section is dedicated to celebrating the many individuals who have been recognized for outstanding achievements through a variety of external and internal award programs.



Fellow: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Tim Barfoot (UTIAS)
Natalie Enright Jerger (ECE)
Andreas Moshovos (ECE)

Fellow: National Academy of Inventors
Vaughn Betz (ECE)

Technology Award: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning
Kurt Monterio (MIE 0T0)

A.M. Turing Award: Association for Computing Machinery 
Alfred Aho (EngPhys 6T3)

Fellow: Biomedical Engineering Society 
Craig Simmons (MIE, BME)


Order of Canada: Government of Canada
Elizabeth Edwards (ChemE)

CIC Medal: Chemical Institute of Canada
Molly Shoichet (ChemE, BME)

Fellow: Royal Society of Canada
Mohini Sain (MIE)

Fellow: Canadian Academy of Engineering
Konstantinos Plataniotis (ChemE)
Elvino Sousa (ECE)
James Burpee (MechE 7T7)
Mark Diederichs (GeoE 8T7, MASc. 9T0)
David Erickson (MechE MASc 0T1, PhD 0T4)
Daryl Wilson (ChemE 8T2)

Fellow: Engineering Institute of Canada
Ning Yan (ChemE)

Fellow: Chemical Institute of Canada
Charles Jia (ChemE)

Wighton Fellowship: Sandford Fleming Foundation
Matthew Mackay (MIE)

C.C. Gotlieb Computer Award: IEEE Canada
Andreas Moshovos (ECE)

D.G. Fisher Award: Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering
Krishna Mahadevan (ChemE)

Ron Britton Engineering Education Vanguard Award: Canadian Engineering Education Association
Chirag Variawa (ISTEP)

Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education: Engineers Canada
Will Cluett (ChemE)

Meritorious Service Award for Community Service: Engineers Canada
Claire Kennedy (ChemE 8T9)

Fellow: Canadian Engineering Education Association
Jason Bazylak (MIE)
Alan Chong (ISTEP)
Deborah Tihanyi (ISTEP)

Manufacturing Medal: Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering
Chul Park (MIE)

Solid Mechanics Medal: Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering
Tobin Filleter (MIE)

Brockhouse Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
The Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR)

Synergy Award for Innovation: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Tobin Filleter (MIE)
Jane Howe (MSE)
Doug Perovic (MSE)
Yu Sun (MIE)



Order of Ontario: Government of Ontario
Geoff Fernie (BME)

Medal of Honour: Ontario Professional Engineers
Helen Wojcinski (CIV 8T7)

Citizenship Award: Ontario Professional Engineers Awards
Sandra Odendahl (ChemE MASc 9T0)

Gold Medal: Ontario Professional Engineers Awards
Peter Halsall (CivE 7T7)

Engineering Excellence Medal: Ontario Professional Engineers Awards
Baher Abdulhai (CivMin)

Management Medal: Ontario Professional Engineers Awards
Hugo Blasutta (CivE 7T7; MEng Structural Engineering 7T8)

Young Engineer Medal: Ontario Professional Engineers Awards
Eric Diller (MIE)

OCUFA Teaching Award: Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations
Micah Stickel (ECE)




University of Toronto

President's Impact Award
Michael Carter (MIE)

Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award
Brenda McCabe (CivMin)

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Awards

Quality of Student Experience Award for Behind the Scenes Staff
Tomas Bernreiter (MIE)
Tony Ruberto (MIE)
Osmond Sargeant (MIE)

Barbara McCann Quality of Student Experience Award for Frontline Staff
Leanne Dawkins (ECE)

Harpreet Dhariwal Emering Leader Award
Gayle Lesmond (MIE)

Innovation Award
Lina McDonald (ECE)

Catherine Gagne Sustained Excellence in Leadership Award
Annie Simpson (Troost ILead)

Agnes Kaneko Citizenship Award
Dan Tomchyshyn (ChemE)

Safwat Zaky Research Leader
Axel Guenther (MIE, BME)
Milica Radisic (ChemE, BME)
Aaron Wheeler (Chemistry, BME)

Teaching Assistant Award
Kok Long Ng (MSE)

Early Career Teaching Award
Gisele Azimi (ChemE, MSE)
Chirag Variawa (ISTEP)

Faculty Teaching Award
Costas Sarris (ECE)

Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award
Steven Thorpe (MSE)

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