Governance & Faculty Council

Faculty Council sets and approves academic policy, principles, priorities, and the general direction for the teaching and research activities of the Faculty.

Among its many roles and duties, Council:

  • Establishes policies regarding academic matters
  • Establishes committees for the conduct of council business
  • Advises the Dean on matters relating to academic matters
  • Approves and regulates standards of admissions
  • Delegates authority for administration of its policies to its committees and academic administrative officers
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    Faculty Council Membership

    Council is composed of:

    • All Teaching Staff
    • Undergraduate Students (40)
    • Graduate Students (15)
    • Alumni (15)
    • All consenting Professors Emeriti (for a five-year term)
    • Administrative Staff (11)
    • Faculty Registrar, ex officio
    • University Officers, ex officio (15)
    • Secretary of Council, ex officio

    Officers of Faculty Council


    Governance Calendar for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

    FASE Gov Cycle
    Exec Committee submission deadline
    Exec Committee mailing
    Exec Committee meeting
    12:10-1:10 pm in GB202
    Council mailing
    Council meeting
    12:10-2:00 pm in GB202/Zoom
    Sep 26
    Oct 3
    Oct 10
    Oct 17
    Oct 31
    Oct 31
    Nov 7
    Nov 14
    Nov 23
    Dec 7
    Jan 22
    Jan 29
    Feb 5
    Feb 13
    Feb 27
    Mar 12
    Mar 19
    Mar 26
    Apr 1
    Apr 15

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    Members of the Engineering community who are not Council members may sign up to receive meeting notifications and agenda packages, and may attend Council meetings via Zoom as guests. Please contact to be added to this distribution list.

    Governance Committees for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

    Standing Committees

    With respect to their domains, all Standing Committees are responsible to:

    • Provide a forum for the full range of stakeholder voices to discuss present practice and new proposals
    • Pursue best practice: investigate, study, report on and promote
    • Review, periodically, policies and procedures
    • Recommend, as appropriate, changes to policy and procedures
    • Carry out specific, defined duties
    • Report, regularly, to Council on its activities and intentions
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    Other Committees

    Contact Us

    Contact for further information about Faculty Council and other governance matters.