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    About the Myhal Centre

    In 2018, the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering launched a new era in engineering education and research under the transformational leadership of Dean Cristina Amon. The Myhal Centre is designed to foster collaboration between researchers, students, industry partners and alumni, sparking the exchange of new ideas and catalyzing innovation. The building features prototyping facilities, multidisciplinary research hubs, design studios and technology-enhanced learning spaces. It is the ideal facility for preparing today's engineering students and tomorrow's engineering leaders to address complex global challenges.

    Room bookings

    Myhal Auditorium

    Book Myhal Auditorium (MY 150), the main floor Myhal Lobby, 2nd floor Myhal open space, 3rd and 4th floor Teal Rooms and Design Studios:

    Upper Myhal open spaces

    Myhal 5th floor Atrium and Myhal 8th floor terrace space are bookable for select Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering affiliated events only.

    Designated Event Coordinators are required for setup and facilitation of event, and F & S account numbers are required for potential charges related to bookings.

    To inquire about a potential booking please see the Myhal Facilities Management Sharepoint Site (internal).

    Myhal meeting rooms

    For undergraduate and graduate students: Please contact your Engineering departmental undergraduate or graduate office.

    For staff and faculty: Please contact your department room booking administrator.

    If you would like to obtain RRSlite credentials for room booking, please consult with your department room booking administrator.

    Project rooms

    Project rooms in the Myhal Centre are intended to support innovative projects across the Faculty with high visibility and the potential for spin-off development. Typically, Project Rooms will be assigned for periods of four months or longer (no more than 2 years).

    Myhal Centre Project: Room Booking Protocol (PDF)

    TEAL rooms & design studios

    Please contact Learning Space Management at

    Floor-by-floor overview

    Skule ArenaVersatile student club space

    Level 0 houses flexible facilities that directly serve the requirements of the Faculty's student clubs. A computer teaching lab for software tutorials and visualization facility for big data analytics with immersive screen technology round out this level. Level 0 is also the location of the facilities management office and music room.

     Lee & Margaret Lau Auditorium World-class event space & auditorium

    The first and second floors feature a grand hall that doubles as an event space. A 468-seat interactive Lee & Margaret Lau Auditorium is a marquee facility with unique design to optimize audience engagement. A large stadium-style video wall offers a clear view of the smallest objects and experiments.

      • Second Cup café – coming soon

    TEAL room Technology enhanced active learning (TEAL) rooms

    Level 3 features two of the building's eight design studios, which support engineering courses and projects. TEAL rooms are also found on this floor, which support blended modalities of teaching and design work.

    Design, fabrication & prototype facilities

    Facilities on Level 4 enable a seamless design experience. It features spaces such as design studios, light fabrication facility and prototyping room as well as additional study space and lockers for student design and projects.

    Norris Walker 5T7 Robotics LaboratoryMultidisciplinary design & robotics

    Level 5 provides a dramatic event space, adjoined by a casual study area overlooking St. George Street. Space for the University of Toronto Institute for Multidisciplinary Design & Innovation (UT-IMDI), Institute for Robotics & Mechatronics (IRM) as well as the Norris Walker 5T7 Robotics Laboratory, a two-storey atrium for drone test flights and related research, make up the rest of the fifth floor.


    Industry collaboration & The Entrepreneurship Hatchery

    Level 6 is home to the Faculty's future entrepreneurs. The Hatchery provides the space, equipment, mentoring and connections to funders, supporting student ventures. Level 6 also offers offices for master's students and space for alumni to mentor and inspire undergraduates. The advancement and alumni relations office, as well as the professional masters lounge can also be found on level 6.

    CGENGlobal engineering & leadership education

    Level 7 features additional project rooms as well as the Centre for Global Engineering (CGEN) and the Troost Institute for Leadership in Education in Engineering (Troost ILead), driving innovation and cultivating global leaders.  Level 7 is also home to Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice (ISTEP).

    TerraceSustainable energy & water innovation

    The Dr. Woo Hon Fai Innovation Floor provides collaborative research space for the Institute for Water Innovation (IWI), the Centre for Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Engineering (CARTE), Fujitsu Co-Creation Research Laboratory, and School of Cities. An open-air terrace offers a spectacular view of U of T's iconic front campus.

    Myhal Centre Fabrication Facility

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions access to the facility is restricted. Please visit the internal site for details on available services:

    MYFab access

    Located on Level 4 in room MY435, the Myhal Centre Fabrication Facility (MYFab) is a space for the entire FASE community, to move their ideas from design to prototype. The Fabrication Facility offers a supervised drop-in Light Fabrication Facility and a Rapid Prototyping Facility.

    We often operate as a drop-in space where all members of the Faculty can connect and collaborate.  It is common to find first- and fourth-year students working side by side. To access MYFab you will have to complete a two-tier online training covering general safety for hand and power tools and an in-person orientation into the space.  See FAQ page for additional information.

    Equipment & materials

    MYFab focuses on general fabrication with soft materials (wood, foam, plastics, sheet metal, fabric, etc.), electronics and digital fabrication (3D printing, laser cutting, water jet and CNC routing)

    The Light Fabrication Facility focuses on light-duty fabrication with materials such as timber, foam, plastics and soft metals equipped with 20 workbenches, a variety of hand tools, and basic power tools. This space available for booking by course instructors, outreach activities and student lead activities (like hackathons).

    The Rapid Prototyping Facility features digital fabrication equipment including a variety of 3D printing technologies, laser, CNC and water jet cutting.


    The space is staffed with experienced makers to support students in their project from tool usage training through consultation on best practices or material/technology recommendations.

    Project lockers

    Project lockers are also available on Level 4 on as-needed basis.

    Frequently asked questions

    Myhal Centre contacts

    Operations & Facilities

    Nadeem Ahmed, P.Eng
    Facility Manager
    55 St. George Street
    Toronto, ON M5S 0C9

    Sean Moore
    Operations Coordinator 
    55 St. George Street
    Toronto, ON M5S 0C9

    Bree Nguyen
    Facility Management Coordinator
    55 St. George Street
    Toronto, ON M5S 0C9

    Fabrication Facility

    Max Giuliani 
    Senior Facility Supervisor
    55 St. George Street, Room 435 M5S 0C9

    Campus Events

    Campus Events

    Learning Space Management

    Learning Space Management

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    Lost & Found Office  

    George and Rayla Myhal

    George & Rayla Myhal: A legacy of innovation

    Alumnus George Myhal (IndE 7T8) and his wife, Rayla, are longstanding supporters of U of T Engineering with a history as passionate volunteers and advocates for Engineering and the University of Toronto. George served for more than a decade on the University's Governing Council, and continues to advise the Faculty through the Dean's Strategic Council. George and Rayla have championed the Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship from its inception. In June 2017, George was named a member of the Order of Canada for his achievements as an investment and finance leader, and for his philanthropic contributions, notably in support of innovation in engineering. In November 2018, he was recognized with an honorary degree from U of T.