Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Making a confidential disclosure

At the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, we are committed to delivering an equitable and professional experience for everyone. We strive to make our community spaces inclusive, safe and inviting so we can all learn, work and gather together. However, we acknowledge that challenges to achieve this vision may arise. Experiences of harassment, discrimination or harmful unprofessionalism have no place in our community and so, when they occur, it is important to let the University know so that we can act quickly to address incidents and work to prevent their reoccurrence.

If you are a U of T Engineering student and have experienced or witnessed in the past, or are currently experiencing or witnessing, potential incident(s) of discrimination, harassment or harmful unprofessionalism, you have the option to disclose this information and choose your level of involvement in the next steps. There are different disclosure pathways available to you, including through U of T Engineering's Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Professionalism or one of the University's central equity offices.

If you disclose with U of T Engineering's Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Professionalism, you can choose to identify yourself or remain anonymous when disclosing an incident. Either way, the process is confidential. To ensure that your disclosure is not tied to your UTORID, please utilize your browser's "private" or "incognito" mode when using the disclosure form. If you choose to identify yourself and request to be contacted, you will receive an immediate acknowledgement along with resources. Within three (3) business days you will be contacted to follow up and discuss possible next steps and supports available.

Each year, an annual report on disclosures received will be delivered to the U of T Engineering community. More information and answers to some commonly asked questions about the disclosure process can be found at the FAQ. You can also contact us at disclosure@engineering.utoronto.ca.

Thank you for taking the time to disclose and for your role in making U of T Engineering a place where everyone can be their best.

Frequently asked questions

Features of a confidential disclosure:

  • Only the Assistant Dean and Director, Diversity, Inclusion & Professionalism (or their identified designate) will initially know your identity
  • The Assistant Dean will be able to personally follow-up and suggest specific supports
  • The Assistant Dean (or designate) may wish share disclosure (on a strict need-to-know basis) in order to determine the next steps and address the incident. However, except as required by law or University policy, any details about the event (including the student identity) will only be shared with student consent
  • Informal inquiry, informal resolution or assistance to escalate to formal reporting possible

Features of an anonymous + confidential disclosure:

  • No one will know your identity
  • Although anonymous, trends in aggregate reported information can still help inform specific areas that need to be address with additional programming and reforms
  • While any disclosing student will have general supports and resources highlighted to them, personalized supports cannot be offered to an anonymous discloser
  • Informal inquiry into an incident can be initiated by the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Professionalism based on an anonymous disclosure. However, escalation to a formal incident report with defined pathways for formal investigation and resolution may not be possible under University policy.