Ensuring a smooth completion of the Winter Term

To our U of T Engineering community,

As many of you are wrapping up classes, preparing for exams and looking forward to celebrating the season, I wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate the requirements, processes and supports in place to ensure a smooth and safe completion of the Winter Term.

Final Examination Schedule Updates

We are preparing to host Winter Term exams in-person, as planned. To find out where and when your exams are taking place, please review the Final Exam Schedule. Any changes or updates will be reflected on the schedule — please check back regularly.

Masking & UCheck

As announced on March 29, the University will maintain current COVID-19 vaccination, screening and masking policies until the end of the Winter Term, April 30. 

Please ensure you:

  • Complete the UCheck self-assessment for each day you plan to be on campus before you arrive. A green screen permits you to be on campus as planned. If your result is a red screen, please stay home and self-isolate — do not attend class, exams or work. 
    • Students with a red screen should: 
      • Follow the instructions in UCheck 
      • Submit a petition if you cannot write a final exam because your UCheck status is red. See below for details on how to submit a petition.
    • Staff and faculty with a red screen should: 
  • Wear a face mask that fully covers your nose and mouth when indoors on campus, including during exams. The University recommends the use of medical masks. 

Final Examination Petitions

For the 2022 Winter Term, U of T Engineering students who are absent from class — including final examinations — for any reason (e.g., COVID-19, other illness or injury, bereavement) and require consideration for missed academic work should:

  1. Report absences through the online absence declaration in ACORN under the Profile and Settings menu 
  2. Submit final examination petition(s) through the Engineering Portal before the May 7 deadline

U of T has temporarily suspended the need for a doctor’s note or medical certificate for medically related absences. However, documentation is required for absences due to non-medical reasons.

In the interest of keeping our community safe, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 — even if they seem mild and you are fully vaccinated — do not come to campus. Instead, file a petition and follow the protocols as outlined above. 

If you are sick or you are experiencing other extenuating circumstances that you feel will severely affect your performance, do not write your final exam. The Undergraduate Assessment Committee is less likely to grant a petition after a student has attempted the final examination.

Deferred Exams

Students who are absent from final exams due to illness and filed their petition(s) before May 7 will be provided with an accommodation that may require sitting for a deferred exam in-person. The deferred exam period will be May 16 to May 27, with as many exams as possible scheduled at the beginning of this period. Every effort will be made to provide students with three weeks’ notice regarding the specific time and location of the examination. However, this may not always be possible. 

Health & Wellness

As we find ourselves in the sixth wave of the pandemic, I fully recognize how exhausted everyone is. We all have different ways to cope and manage. Please take time to reflect on how you’re feeling, sleep well, drink lots of water and stay energized through activity and healthy food. It is also important to remain vigilant to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including masking while on public transit, washing and sanitizing your hands regularly, and being especially cautious of your activities over the next few weeks.  

If you are feeling overwhelmed by exams or other aspects of your life, support and mental health resources are available for U of T Engineering students, faculty and staff. I’ve included a list of these supports and services below and encourage you to keep them handy.

Students can also explore the following Faculty and University opportunities in the coming weeks in preparation for exams: 

Looking Ahead

I am optimistic that we will be able to return to a less restrictive routine soon. Until the path is clear, we must continue to work together, as we have done so diligently throughout the pandemic, to minimize impact on our community during this critical time. 

When the University’s masking and UCheck policies are paused starting on May 1, I ask that everyone respect the decisions of others regarding these measures, according to their comfort levels and health needs. It is also important to recognize that these requirements may be reinstated on short notice as public health conditions or guidance changes. As always, I will keep you updated if anything should shift. 

The month of April holds many special occasions, beginning with Ramadan, followed by Passover and Easter. To community members who celebrate these sacred days, I wish you much joy and happiness.  

Take care, stay safe and all the best with your exams,


Christopher Yip
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
University of Toronto

Support Resources for Students

U of T My Student Support Program (MySSP)

Immediate and/or ongoing confidential, free, 24-hour counselling support available in several languages

Multifaith Chaplains

Campus Chaplains offer spiritual care in times of grief

U of T St. George Health & Wellness

Physical & mental health care by physicians, nurses, counsellors and psychologists

  • 416-978-8030

U of T Engineering Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health learning opportunities, COVID-related resources, reports, services & supports for U of T Engineering

Student Mental Health Resource

U of T’s mental health resource hub containing the tools, strategies and experts to meet you exactly where you are on your mental health journey

Support Resources for Staff and Faculty

For staff and faculty who are supporting students navigating mental health challenges, the U of T Engineering Student Well-Being Resource Guide outlines additional considerations and a variety of resources for both you and the student. We thank you in advance for all the ways that you continue to foster a culture of care and support here at U of T Engineering.

All U of T staff and faculty members have access to the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). If you are experiencing distress, please reach out at any time — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year — by contacting the EFAP at: 

  • (Toll-free) 1-800-663-1142
  • (TTY) 1-866-398-9505
  • (Collect) 604-689-1717

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