Industry Partnerships with U of T Engineering

industry partnerships

With the construction of the new Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship well underway, there has never been a more exciting time to partner with U of T Engineering. The CEIE will provide a new home for some of our world-leading institutes like the Centre for Global Engineering and the Institute for Sustainable Energy. These new facilities will enable faculty, industry leaders and students to work together across disciplines on complex global challenges.

Our diverse and talented student population is the focus of our innovative teaching and degree programs, while our faculty members continue to define the critical issues in Canadian and global engineering research, technology development and commercialization.

Building strategic partnerships, maximizing impact

Our industry partners truly engage with U of T Engineering thanks to our world-class researchers and students, our superior research infrastructure of laboratories, equipment and staff, and our ability to enhance research with matched funds from federal and provincial governments.

The power of these leveraged partnerships adds value to your research, driving technology development, spin-off companies and broad societal impact.


Five reasons to partner with us:


  1. World-leading Researchers

    Gain unique access to world-leading faculty, staff, students and laboratory facilities. U of T Engineering ranks among the top engineering schools in the world, and is the leading engineering Faculty in Canada.

  2. Define the Future of Engineering Excellence

    Industry partnerships facilitate commercialization and technology transfer, train students and young professionals and stimulate industry-relevant fundamental research. Our partners push the boundaries of engineering research and education. Together, we create solutions that make an impact in industry and society.

  3. A Partnership of Equals

    We engage our industry partners as equals who share the risk and reap the rewards of investing in engineering research, technology development and problem solving. We look beyond fee-for-service contracts toward deeper partnerships that deliver the greatest value and impact in both industrial and academic contexts.

  4. Leveraging Our Resources

    Private investment in U of T research typically defrays operating costs of research, including materials and specialized equipment. Combining this investment with our publicly funded labs and personnel allows our industry partners to leverage our $100-million-scale research facilities. Within U of T Engineering, we add value to industry financial support with federal, provincial and institutional matching to enable $25 million in industry-partnered research per year.

  5. Plug Into Toronto's Innovation Hub

    As Canada's largest and most dynamic city, Toronto attracts the world's top talent. U of T is Canada's foremost research-intensive university, and home to more than 10,000 research, teaching and clinical faculty members. The St. George campus of the University of Toronto is located in the heart of downtown Toronto - on the doorstep of some of North America's leading startup incubators, major hospitals and Canada's financial hub on Bay Street.

Together, we can build innovation from the ground up

Contact us to explore the boundless potential of research and technology development:

Allison Brown, PhD
Director of Foundation & Corporate Partnerships | 416-978-7890


Want to know more?

Connect with Allison and make sure to download our printable two-page highlight sheet, with information about our clear and equitable Intellectual Property (IP) approach and the power of leveraging federal and provincial government matching programs to boost the impact of your investment.

Download the highlights sheet PDF below for more information.

For partners in Ontario

For partners in Ontario
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For partners in Canada

For partners in Canada
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For global partners

For global partners
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Download flyers on some of U of T Engineering’s multidisciplinary research areas.

Cover of Advanced Manufacturing Research Insert

Advanced Manufacturing
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Cover of Healthcare Engineering Research Insert

Healthcare Engineering
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Cover of Smart Cities Research Insert

Smart Cities
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Sustainable Aviation
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Sustainable Practices in Mining
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Water Technology
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