Task Forces & Reports

Academic Plan

The Faculty’s Academic Plan is the result of thorough consultations with faculty, staff, students and alumni. This Plan, which was approved on October 6, 2011, sets our academic and administrative directions for the next five years. It aims to strengthen our research-intensive culture, academic rigour, global reputation and visibility, enrolment, excellence in students – experiences inside and outside the classroom, funding models and our internal and external collaboration, outreach and influence.

Annual Report – Performance Indicators

Each year our Faculty issues an annual report of performance indicators which highlights our achievements as Canada’s premier engineering faculty, tracking our success against the goals of the Academic Plan.

Read the annual reports in Issuu, PDF or HTML format

Year in Review

U of T Engineering’s public-facing annual report showcases key stories from 2014-2015, including updates on the undergraduate experience, graduate studies and key research, industry partnerships, and a financial overview of the Faculty.

Task Forces

Mental Health (2017)

With the release of the University of Toronto’s Mental Health Framework in 2015, the Faculty responded by examining the existing mental health support systems for its students.  The Decanal Task Force on Mental Health reviewed and assessed the Faculty’s current performance and initiatives in relation to the strategic priorities of the University’s Mental Health Framework.  As a result, they developed recommendations that addressed each of these areas to align ourselves with the Framework’s systems approach to mental health.

Read the full report of the Decanal Task Force on Mental Health

Academic Advising (2016)

As part of the 2011-2016 Academic Plan, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering identified the need to review student counselling as an action item within the strategic theme of Student Experience. To that end, Dean Cristina Amon struck a Task Force in the fall of 2015 to review academic and student advising and to make key recommendations for future direction.

Read the full report of the Dean’s Task Force on Academic Advising.

Core Curriculum Review (2015)

Dean Cristina Amon established the Core Curriculum Review Task Force to examine the content and delivery of all first year course offerings from the perspective of students, faculty and external evaluators. It compared these offerings to best practices and recommended changes to meet the evolving foundational education needs of our programs.

Read the full report of the Core Curriculum Review Task Force.

Engineering Leadership Education (2010)

Dean Cristina Amon established the Task Force on Engineering Leadership Education to review the advances made by the Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program and develop strategic options for the future.

Read the full report of the Dean’s Task Force on Engineering Leadership Education.

Globalization and Engineering (2009)

In early 2008, Dean Cristina Amon, in consultation with the Chairs and Directors of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, formed a Task Force on Globalization and Engineering to consider how the Faculty’s education and research missions should take into account globalization trends and global challenges – how we can better prepare graduates for a global workplace and how our research initiatives should be influenced by and proactively address global challenges.

Read the full report of the Dean’s Task Force on Globalization and Engineering or learn more about the Centre for Global Engineering.

Outreach (2009)

The Task Force on Outreach was appointed to identify activities that are strategically aligned with our academic mission, linked to our recruitment efforts. Led by Professor Susan McCahan, Chair, First Year, five recommendations were suggested, including a definition of ‘outreach’; the identification of three primary purposes and measures for Pre-University Outreach; the establishment of a Faculty Outreach Office to report to the Chair, First Year; and the clarification of current and future programs.

Read the report of the Outreach Task Force.

Engineering and Public Policy (2008)

Led by Professor Doug Reeve, the mandate of this group is to build awareness of the intersection of Engineering/technology and public policy. Through panel discussions, focus groups for alumni and students, and student surveys, the Task Force completed its report, which includes recommendations on educational programs (at the undergraduate and graduate levels) and organization in Engineering and Public Policy.

Read the report of the Engineering and Public Policy Task Force.

Other Reports

Faculty Day 2010: Defining Administrative Excellence

Faculty Day 2010: Defining Administrative Excellence was held on February 16, 2010 as part of the Faculty’s planning exercise. The opportunity was used to obtain direct input from the staff to define administrative excellence, and develop plans to promote and sustain excellence and to improve as professionals. Read the full report about Faculty Day 2010.

Divisional Space Review and Development of a Master Plan

The Space Review Committee was established by Dean Cristina Amon in September, 2008. The report is presented in three distinct and cohesive sections to include specific observations from undergraduate and graduate representatives respectively serving on the Committee. Both representatives sought out input through discussion and interaction with their respective peer groups in the preparation of these representative observations. It should be noted however that no formal student town-hall meetings were held and that both reports received the full support of the Committee for the Divisional Space Review and Development of a Master Plan. Read the full report; please send comments to the Dean’s Office at dean.engineering@ecf.utoronto.ca