Awards and Honours 2006

International Awards

Fellow: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Susan McCahan, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Fellow: American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
Ross Ethier, Institute for Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
Jean Zu, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Fellow: IEEE
George Eleftheriades, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Formula Student U.K. Championship
Formula SAE Racing Team

Olympic Bronze for men’s figure skating
Jeffrey Buttle (ChemE);

Oscar for Scientific and Technical Award
Demetri Terzopoulos, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Senior Member of IEEE
Li Qian, Electrical & Computer Engineering

National Awards

Alouette Award: Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
Peter Hughes

Fellow: Canadian Academy of Engineering 
Doug Reeve, Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
Larry Seeley (ChemE 6T6);

Engineering Institute of Canada
Frank Kschischang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Fellow: Royal Society of Canada
Andreas Mandelis, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Governor General’s Silver Medal
David McKay (EngSci 0T6);

Rutherford Medal for Chemistry: Royal Society of Canada
Molly Shoichet, Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry

Thomas W. Eadie Medal: Royal Society of Canada
Alberto Leon-Garcia, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Regional Awards – Provincial and City-wide

Early Research Awards:  Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation
Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Nazir Kherani Electrical & Computer Engineering/Materials Science & Engineering
Craig Simmons, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Yu Sun, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
John Yeow (MIE, MASc 9T9, PhD, 0T3);

Ontario Professional Engineers Citizenship Award
Helen L. Wojcinski (Civ 8T7);

Ontario Professional Engineers Award: Entrepreneurship Medal
Phillip J. (Rocky); Simmons (Chem 6T4, MASc 1965, PhD 1969);

Ontario Professional Engineers Gold Medal
Thomas Anthony Brzustowski (EngPhys 5T8);

Ontario Professional Engineers Award: Research and Development Medal
Masahiro Kawaji (EngSci 7T8);, Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry

Ontario Professional Engineers Award: Young Engineer Medal
Wael William Melek (MIE MASc 1998, PhD 2002);

Top 10 Finalist for TVO “Best Lecturer” competition
Professor Bryan Karney, Civil Engineering

University of Toronto Awards

Arbor Awards
Michael Charles, Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
Stewart Blusson; Robert Broad; Edward Donegan, Terrence Donnelly; Peter Halsall; Paul Manners; Kathy Milsom; George Mowbray; Karen Pitre;  Barry Thomas

SAC/APUS Undergraduate Teaching Award
Professor Parham Aarabi, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Awards

2T5 Mid-Career Achievement Award
David Frederick Poirier (Ind 8T1);
Marc Allen Rosen (EngSci 8T1);

7T6 Early Career Award
Mark Stirpe (MSE 9T6);

Engineering Alumni Medal
Morden Yolles (4T8 Civil);

Hall of Distinction
Anton Davies (Mech 7T2);
David Harquail (Geol 7T9);
George Myhal (Ind 7T8);
Mary Jane Phillips (Chem 5T3);
Lloyd Reid
Bert Wasmund (Chem 6T6);

L.E. (Ted); Jones Award of Distinction
Luke Wesley (Mech 0T5 + PEY);

Malcolm F. McGrath Alumni Achievement Award
John Grant Cowan (Ind 6T1);

Agnes Kaneko Award
Peter Leesti, Civil Engineering

Early Career Teaching Award
Ali Sheikholeslami, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Faculty Teaching Award

Frank Kschischang, Electrical & Computer Engineering