What it means to be Black varies across communities throughout Canada. Through the completion of this module, you will gain a unique perspective on the relationship between race and identity for many Black communities.

To complete this module, spend at least two hours watching, reading and listening to the resources below. Please remember to leave time for self care and reflection as you move through these resources.



Being Black in Toronto
Being Black in Toronto | CBC


Noteworthy Historical Figures | Government of Canada
Noteworthy Historical Figures | Government of Canada


Blacktalk Podcast

Teaching Resources

Black Canadian Calendar
Black Canadian Calendar | Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Community Reflections

"Understand that your differences are not the same as deficiencies. Be confident in who you are, bold in what you want to achieve, and what you perceived as barriers will disappear behind your growth and success." - Maxwell Gyimah, MechE 2T2 alumnus (read more of Maxwell’s reflections)


“People need to see that they belong, not just be told that they belong.” - Samson Kirk-Koffi, CompE 1T8 alumnus (read more of Samson’s reflections)