U of T Engineering Office of the Dean Organizational Chart


Christopher Yip

  1. Administrative Leadership

    Director, Office of the Dean
    Nefeteria Wickham

    Executive Director, Advancement
    Mark Rittinger

    Executive Director, Communications
    Tony Bowman

    Faculty Registrar
    Helen Bright

    Assistant Dean, Director, Diversity, Inclusivity & Professionalism
    Marisa Sterling

    Executive Assistant to the Dean
    Helen Ntoukas

    Executive Director, Partnerships
    Adriano Vissa

    Chief Administrative Officer
    Lisa Camilleri

    1. Chief Financial Officer
      Olenka Baron
      Director, Awards & Honours
      Carolyn Farrell
      Director, Facilities & Infrastructure Planning
      Tom Saint-Ivany
      Director, Human Resources
      Emma Scully
      Director, Information Technology
      Alex Tichine
  2. Academic Leadership

    Director, Division of Engineering Sciences
    Natalie Enright Jerger

    Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
    Ramin Farnood

    Chair, Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering
    Marianne Hatzopoulou

    Chair, The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Deepa Kundur

    Acting Chair, Department of Materials Science & Engineering
    Jane Howe

    Chair, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
    Markus Bussmann

    Director, Institute of Biomedical Engineering
    Milos Popovic

    Acting Director, Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice
    Greg Jamieson

    Director, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
    Christopher J. Damaren

    Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies
    Julie Audet

    Associate Dean, Cross-Disciplinary Programs
    Dionne Aleman

    Vice-Dean, Undergraduate
    Thomas Coyle

    Vice-Dean, Research
    Stark Draper

    Vice-Dean, First Year
    Dawn Kilkenny

    Vice-Dean, Strategic
    Heather MacLean